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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tool Two

Tool Two

I have to say that Tool 2 took me a bit longer than the actual creation of the blog and voki, etc. I looked over all of the Blogs that have been created at MHS thus far and actually feel better now since I found out that I wasn't as far behind as I thought I was. It is still an akward search and destroy process, mostly destroy as I lose my way in blogland. I'm still wondering if this blog is going to benefit me or if it is actually going to take more of my time than I'm willing to give. I have no problem sharing with an online community, actually it seems to be the first time that many teachers are able to share their expertise with other teachers. I'm pretty open face to face as it is and speak my mind easily, so doing the same on a community network doesn't make me shy. Maybe one good outcome of this sharing will be that some of the boring in-services can be done away with??? This is much more fun, hands on, and intellectually stimulating. 

There is a website that I have started using with my students;  It is a Spanish website that has a ton of grammar practice, music, poetry, and more. For any Spanish teacher looking  to bring some extra practice into the classroom in a fun and interactive way, this is a good site.


  1. You stinker! You're done! I'm back here at Tool 2, and I'm glad your opening line of your tool 2 is that it took you longer than tool 1. So I'm hoping I'll get over this bump. I'm not feeling very successfull - just behind in my grading!


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