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La continuidad de los parques (Julio Cortázar)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tool Three

If I thought Tool Two took time, Tool Three made me reach for the Ms. Clairol bottle sooner than I needed to! It took a long time to get this video sharing done. I have frequently used different video sites/hosts/streaming in the past, especially if I wanted to share a song or a video with my classes. I have also found these type of sites useful to look up videos that provide information on authors, some of them who are already deseased, so it is a way of bringing an author to life for my students. What I learned about copyright use that was new to me was that a large majority of material out there is free game for teachers and students if it is being published to a secure location that requires passwords and firewalls, as long as it is for instructional and sharing purposes.
My Dropbox has been created and I have added a written file to it which is a lesson plan that has my students using this very Blog, Hot Tamales.


  1. Hey, go back to my page and let me know what you think of my new avatar!

  2. We're the same shade of Ms. Clairol, Ms. Hot Tamale, so pass the bottle - LOL Glad you learned about copyright - that's a hot issue these days.


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