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La continuidad de los parques (Julio Cortázar)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool Six

Tool Six wasn't so bad. Actually I found something that was pretty cool. It is an app called Voxopop that is pretty useful for the foreign languages since you can create a group and communicate with anyone else or any other group that belongs to the Voxopop community, which can be anywhere around the world. There is the option to communicate in real time or to record your message and wait for a recorded audio reply. This is great for practicing oral communication skills without the anxiety of saying the wrong thing face-to-face. I also set up an account with Skype since that seemed like another logical choice for foreign language communication. I did not have any real problems with setting up an account since there is a Free Account choice that I chose. I liked tool six, and I think that I will explore some of the other apps that were on the options to look at since this is probably the place I will use most with my classes.

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