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La continuidad de los parques (Julio Cortázar)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool Seven

So, after visiting the resources in this tool, I designed a collaborative project with another classroom. The objective is for students to practice their conversational skills in Spanish with students from another classroom, whether it is one that I teach or somewhere else in the Spanish speaking world, using the Voxopop application which I have posted on my blog with the title "Los exploradores", "The explorers"...since that is basically what we will be doing. I would like to be able to begin this lesson in February in order to begin preparing for the AP Spanish Language exam. Briefly stated, the project would be for students in one class to record a beginning conversation and then for the other class to listen to that recording and answer or continue the conversation. I am interested in collaborating with a school in Mexico, I need to firm up plans with classrooms down there first. Probably will begin right here at home with my own classes to work out the kinks. I will keep you guys posted on how this works out.

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