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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tool Nine

I think it is important to tie technology to the objective of my classroom lesson because students are already submerged in technology, why not in their school education? Many times they look at the teaching in the standard classroom as out-dated and don't find the importance or usefulness in the lesson. By using some form of technology they feel as though the lesson is more geared towards their "new" style of learning and hopefully it will capture and hold their attention. We should hold our students accountable for the stations/centers because ultimately it is for their use and their learning and improvement, and just as we held/hold them accountable for keeping their textbooks covered as to not cause damage and incur a fine, or if they don't turn in a homework or a paper they don't get a good grade, same thing, they need to be held accountable for the technology that is being provided for them. One of the links I visited was the Thinkfinity site where I looked at Creating Cartoons. Since I teach Spanish, it seemed like a good and fun way to create a story and any sort of grammar topic could be used to reinforce learning. Once they finish the cartoon they can print it out or share it digitally to offer proof of their having completed the assignment. I also visited the "Cover it live" site on the SBISD database. It is a site that allows instant coverage of news, which ties in to language use in my class. It could be a fun project to cover live news around the campus or just live news in general around the world. There weren't many other websites on this list that were applicable to me, in fact SBISD doesn't have Foreign Language even listed as a discipline...shame,shame,also I found many of them a little juvenile for my target audience. As far as apps for the iPod Touch/iPad that I can use in my classroom, I really can't say yet nor can I envision how my students are going to form stations or pods. With a traditional classroom with 34 desks, I can imagine we will be doing a lot of floor scraping to move desks into place. It is sort of like asking me which recipe I'm going to cook out of Julia Child's French Cookbook but I haven't even picked up a copy of it yet. I can only guess. I don't own either of those items though I am anticipating receiving either one or both of them for my use here at MHS. Once I receive my device I know that the fan will unfold for me and I will be eager to learn all the apps and their uses. But, for now I'll just have to do a bit of searching around and see what is available.

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