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La continuidad de los parques (Julio Cortázar)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tool Four

Tool Four proved to be not as overwhelming as I had thought it would be. I created a document in Google Docs that I shared with two colleagues, a Story Map that students can use to help track sequence in a story. I then created a form in Google Docs that was a questionaire for the Zumba Fitness class that I teach here at MHS after school. I emailed it to 6 of my participants and have received a response from one of my students.
I like the Google Apps and Google Docs Tools because it makes it easy to share just one document with so many people. It cuts down on paper use which can be very helpful with students for homework assignments, etc. They can just send in their responses and be done with it. Of course these forms can be used for quizzing and testing if they are projected onto the Active board and students can answer in various ways. So. I would probably have to say that I am most excited to use the Google Docs Forms with my students because it can serve many purposes.

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