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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tool Eleven

 Tool Eleven...thank goodness I made it! I think that one of my favorite tools is the Voxopop app, simply because my students can get some good and needed speaking practice in Spanish. In a language class, speaking is one of the things that is easily not practiced, simply because of the amount of students in the classes make it hard to manipulate and set up lessons. With the Voxopop app, I plan to have students get their voice recorded and have them listened to and responded to by other classes, and further on by other classes around the world. They will be given a topic to talk about and then they will have to respond. I'm not so sure I have transformed my thinking but rather expanded my knowledge about what is out there. I am not against technology, just wasn't very versed on all the apps that are out there and available for my use. I do know that these things require lots of time in some instances so they need to be planned accordingly. For someone like me who has been a teacher for 24 years we can tend to get into a routine, but I'm glad to see that we are being nudged out of it. It takes baby steps to make these changes but they are totally possible. Truly I was mostly surprised by all the different apps out there and by how some people have gotten so adept at using them. I think I will start with just a few and get good at those and then move on to others that I feel will help my teaching.

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  1. Congrats om completing the 11 tools blog! I'm so glad you found a tool that you really like and are excited to use. That's how the fever begins. Enjoy your devices.


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