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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool Eight

After watching the videos/tutorials, the two or three things I learned about the device(s) that will be in my classroom this spring was how to use an Ipod touch and the Ipad2. I learned that they are basically the same though the Ipad2 can handle more apps and obviously its size is larger. I also learned how to get an Itunes account on my computer. As far as managing the device(s) in my classroom I believe that will be a hands-on experience for me. I can only imagine at this moment how this is all going to work since I have never even had more than one computer in my room at the same time. I did like one of the postings that talked about having certain students in charge of managing the devices, though all students need to participate in the care and proper use of them.


  1. That's probably the hardest part - getting the iTunes acount up and going We'll muddle through :)

  2. What is awesome about the new operating system is that once you have loaded it on on iPad, you can set up a setting to load it on all devices at once. It is a great new feature.


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